Sports are a testament to the strength of human will and physique.

Photography student and sports fan Fred Brisker shares that the works of famous sports photographers serve as his inspiration.


Fred Brisker is a passionate photographer and a huge sports fan.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, he would normally follow the NBA, especially his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. During the suspension of the league, Fred has written a few entertaining thoughts on the Lakers franchise, which he shares with everyone everywhere.


He dabbles in a number of sporty activities when he’s not out in the world taking pictures.

He enters tournaments of Ultimate Frisbee, follows his favorite sports team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and, when he’s up to it, plays pick-up football games. He has also started a series of blogs on all these things and more.


Fred Briskersays that Ultimate Frisbee has become as popular as it’s ever been.

Over the past few months, however, he has been compliant to many of the lock-down protocols because of the global health crisis. This time off has afforded him an opportunity to write a blog to help share the wonderful world of Ultimate Frisbee to everyone.

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