The Fun and Intense World of Ultimate Frisbee

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The Fun and Intense World of Ultimate Frisbee

Fred Brisker talks about Ultimate Frisbee

Fred Brisker’s main passion lies in photography. However, during his free time, he dabbles in a number of sporty activities.  He follows his favorite sports team, the Los Angeles Lakers, plays pick-up football games, and, when he can, enters tournaments of Ultimate Frisbee.

For the longest time, Fred Brisker has been inviting his friends to join him in Ultimate Frisbee, and many of them have. Over the past few months, however, Fred has been compliant to many of the lock-down protocols because of the global health crisis. This time off has afforded him an opportunity to write a blog to help share the wonderful world of Ultimate Frisbee to everyone.

Decades ago, a Frisbee disc, or a Frisbee was widely known only as a toy which people would toss around, in place of baseballs or footballs. They would flick it over and those wonderful little discs would spin and hover in the air. 

The roots of Ultimate Frisbee, or Ultimate, go back even longer than the Frisbee itself.  Half-a-century ago, in New Jersey, a group of high schoolers wanted to come up with a sport all their own. They borrowed elements from other sports such as soccer and American football. The objective was to pass the “ball” from player to player until they pass the goal line. 

However, they wanted to use something other than a ball. They discovered circular tin lids that covered pie and cake boxes. Another change they made was to make what would be Ultimate Frisbee a non-contact sport. A major rule in an Ultimate Frisbee game is that an offensive player holding the disc, or the handler, is not allowed to take a single step.  It’s their teammates that run around. The handler looks for an open lane in which to pass the Frisbee.  It’s the duty of the defenders of the opposing team to intercept the Frisbee, Fred Brisker adds.

There are no Men’s or Women’s division in Ultimate Frisbee. Male and female participants can play together.

In recent years, Fred Brisker explains that Ultimate Frisbee has become as popular as it’s ever been, with thousands of players participating in tournaments all around the world.  It even has its own governing body, the World Flying Disc Federation, which is recognized by no less than the International Olympic Committee.

For people who are interested, Fred Brisker says there are several video tutorials on YouTube that teach the basics of Ultimate Frisbee.